June 16, 2024

9 Dhū al-Hijjah 1445

Asr Iqamah

6:38 pm

10 Hours 37 Minutes
Prayer Begins Iqamah
Fajr2:37 am 2:37 am
Sunrise3:43 am
Zuhr1:05 am 1:05 am
Asr6:38 pm 6:38 pm
Maghrib9:23 pm 9:23 pm
Isha10:30 pm 10:30 pm

Events & Activities

Since ECYS started Jumuah and Madrasah in Harold Hill, we have strived to provide facilities to unite the community and benefit them, and with the help and support of our supporters, parents and students we have alhamdulillah been able to organize a wide range of events and activities. May Allah تعالى join the hearts of the Ummah, and together in-shaa-Allah create more new opportunities to serve the community, especially our next generation, Aameen.

Below are some of the events, activities and services we have provided:

  • First Jumuah Salaah in Harold Hill: 26th April 2013. Maashaa-Allah attended by over 20 people at the MYPLACE building.
  • Opening of First Madrasah in Harold Hill: 1st June 2013 in the MYPLACE building large Games Room. Maashaa-Allah 6 students enrolled on the first day. Snooker and table tennis facilities availble for break times!
  • SRE in Schools Lecture: 1st June 2013. Delivered by Br. Yusuf Patel. Attended by Muslims locally and surrounding areas. Food served at end.
  • First Harold Hill Iftar Gathering: 2nd August 2013. Venue: Community hall in Harold Hill. Imam Sahib delivered a lecture on ‘The Sheild Against Shaytaan’. Food served at the end.
  • Eagle Heights Wildlife Park Madrasah Trip 2013: 7th September. Organised by Imam Sahib. Many students and parents travelled together to Kent to visit one of the UK’s largest birds of prey centres to witness these beautiful creatues of Allah in action and attend the presentations.
  • New Muslims Support: This service was initiated on 1st January 2014 to help the growing number of Muslim reverts in the london Borough of Havering.
  • Summer Football Club 2014: Organised by Imam Sahib in April throughout the summer. Attended by youth and adults of the community and matches also included non-Muslims, alhamdulillah.
  • Taraaweeh Salaah 2014: Started on 28th June. 20 Rak’aat led by 2 Huffaaz attended by over 25 people. Khatmul Quran on 27th Ramadan.
  • Community Gathering 2014:31st June. Lecture delivered by Imam Sahib and dinner served.
  • Eidul Fitr Salaah 2014: Tuesday 29th July held in both Harold Hill (MYPLACE) and Brentwood (The Nightingale Centre), attended in total by over 130 people.
  • Eidul Adhaa Salaah 2014: Saturday 4th October held in both Harold Hill (MYPLACE) and Brentwood (The Nightingale Centre), attended in total by over 130 people.
  • Madrasah Art Competition:April 2015. Maashaa-Allah all the students explored their creative sides by each producing an Islamic art work.
  • First Madrasah Awards Ceremony 2015: 26th April. Sheikh Abdur Rahman started with recitation of Quran and delivered a lecture. Imam Sahib delivered a lecture on the importance of unity of the Muslim community as one Ummah and the fitnah of the hypocrites to build Masjid Ad-Diraar, which Allah Ta’ala cursed. Students presented to parents and guests (the full sequence of salaah) and received exam certificates and gifts. Sheikh Adur Rahman presented Ummah Welfare Trust Kidz4Kidz certificates to students. Staff and members recognition awards. Catering by Ustadah served at end (special food for students!)
  • First Marriage Ceremony Conducted By ECYS: June 2015. Solemnised by Imam Sahib. My Allah تعالى Bless the bride and groom, Aameen.
  • Taraaweeh Salaah 2015:Started 17th June. 20 Rak’aats led by one Haafiz attended by over 40 people. Khatmul Quran on 27th Ramadhaan. Venue: New Vibe Studios for Harold Hill (facility for ladies provided). A seperate Taraweeh Salaah also organised by ECYS in Warley Post Office for the Brentwood community with Khatmul Quran also on 27th Ramadhaan.
  • Eidul Fitr Salaah 2015: Friday 17th July held in both Harold Hill (MYPLACE) and Brentwood (The Nightingale Centre), attended in total by over 150 people.
  • Madrasah Meeting for Parents and Students: 12th September 2015. Alhamdulillah Imam Sahib explained about how the Madrasah and students are progressing and responsibilities of both the Ustad and parents. Q&A time at end as well as feedback opportunity for parents. Snacks and drinks served.
  • Eidul Adhaa Salaah 2015: Thursday 24th September held in both Harold Hill (MYPLACE) and Brentwood (The Nightingale Centre), attended in total by over 150 people.
  • Car Show: 18th June 2016. Madrasah students visited the show that took place at the Madrasah Redden Court School.
  • Taraaweeh Salaah 2016: Started Sunday 5th June. 20 Rak’aats with Khatmul Quran was on 27th Ramadhaan.
  • Eidul Fitr Salaah 2016:Wednesday 6th July held in both Harold Hill (MYPLACE) and Brentwood (The Nightingale Centre), attended in total by over 200 people.
  • Eidul Adhaa Salaah 2016: Monday 12th September held in both Harold Hill (MYPLACE) and Brentwood (The Nightingale Centre), attended in total by over 130 people.
  • Charity Clothes Collection: 15th February 2017. Old and new clothes donated by the Harold Hill community collected by Ummah Welfare Trust from Imam Sahib’s home.
  • Home Tuition Service: This service was formally started on 1st July 2017 to offer professional supplementary support to Madrasah students, as well as to permit education facilities for disabled students or those with special needs who are unable to attend Madrasah.
  • Madrasah Awards Ceremony 2017: 20th May. Attended by over 150 people at Redden Court School. Lecture by Mufti Mahmood Thaani and Maulana Saadiq Memon. All students presented and received exam certificates and gifts. Brother Shaba from Ummah Welfare Trust gave students their UWT Kidz4Kidz certificates and gifts. Staff and members recognition awards were presented. Activities and competitions organised for children. Catering by Ustadah served at end.
  • Taraaweeh Salaah 2017: Started 26th May. 20 Rak’aats led by 2 Huffaaz and attended by over 30 people. Khatmul Qur’an on 25th Ramadhaan. Venue: New Vibe Academy. Facility for ladies provided.
  • Eidul Fitr Salaah 2017: Sunday 25th June held in both Harold Hill (MYPLACE) and Brentwood (The Nightingale Centre), attended in total by over 200 people
  • ECYS Facebook Page: Opened by Imam Sahib on 7th July 2017 to help create better awareness of our charity’s services and activities and improve communication.
  • Legoland Trip 2017: 25th July. Organised by Imam Sahib and attended by 59 people. Luxury coach hired for the journey. Please see the ECYS Album to share our fun, or even better join us next year!
  • Eidul Adhaa Salaah 2017: 1st September held in both Harold Hill (MYPLACE) and Brentwood (The Nightingale Centre), attended in total by over 200 people.
  • Counselling & Mediation Service: This service was initiated formally on 4th September 2017 to support members of our community and families to resolve disputes and problems so they can live in peace and harmony. Imam Sahib has several years of experience in offering counselling and advice services to members of the community, including complicated cases, and many families have benefitted from this service.
  • Camping Weekend 2017: 19th – 21st August. Organised by Imam Sahib and attended by 13 people from Harold Hill and surrounding areas. Stayed in tents at Thriftwood Scouts campsite, Brentwood. Activities: Cresta Run, Demolition, Crate Stacking, Rafting, Zipline, Campfires and Barbecues!
  • Harold Wood Madrasah Barbecue 2017: Saturday 9th September. To get the students motivated back into class after the summer holidays we had our first Barbecue in the Madrasah garden. What a day with burgers, chicken and kebab!
  • Student Library: This facility was started on 1st November 2017 to help encourage students studying at our Madrasah to read more Islamic material and widen their scope of knowledge. This has also been an initiative to help students reduce time used futilely on elecronic gadgets and devises!
  • Brentwood Madrasah Parents Tea Meeting: 16th December 2017 @ 11:30AM – 12:30PM. Presentation on ECYS and introduction to the various services offered by the Society and new courses soon to begin in 2018, inshaa-Allah تعالى. Ended with drinks and snacks for all!
  • Harold Hill Madrasah Parents Tea Meeting: 17th December 2017 @ 12PM – 1PM. Slide show presentation on upcoming Aalimiyyah course and ladies courses, as well as new projects in 2018 for the community, inshaa-Allah تعالى. Ended with drinks and snacks for all!
  • First Annual ECYS Salaah Timetable: 150 Copies distributed in Jumuah on 22nd December 2017.
  • Madrasah Awards Ceremony 2018: 25th February. Attended by over 200 people from both the Harold Hill and Brentwood communities uniting all students of ECYS Madrasah branches. Venue: The Nightingale Centre. Catering by Ustadah: 3 course meal. Lectures delivered by several prominent scholars from London who also presented the certificates and gifts to the Students. In this gathering Sheikhul Hadith Saleem Nawab delivered the first lesson of our new Alimiyyah course from Qassasun Nabiyyeen.
  • Hijamah & Acupuncture: This service started in February 2018 and includes discounted treatment for those with financial difficulties.
  • Alimiyyah Course: This commenced on 11th March 2018 and is the first Alimiyyah course in Havering and Essex with 13 Students enrolled. Syllabus includes Ilmus-Sarf, Ilmun-Nahw, Safwatul Masaadir, Nurul Idaah, Zaadut Taalibeen, Qassasun Nabiyyeen and Tajweed.
  • Taraaweeh Salaah 2018: 16th May. 20 Rak’aats led by 2 Huffaaz and attended by over 40 people including Brentwood members. Khatmul Quran on 25th Ramadan. Venue: Same as previous years but now under the management of Apogee Studios. Facilities for ladies provided.
  • Iftar Gathering 2018: Thursday 7th June, organised jointly with MYPLACE – Havering Council, and attended by over 180 people. The local Muslim community were invited as well as non-Muslims who were also invited to try fasting for the day. Children’s indoor play area was hired and a lecture was delivered by Imam Sahib. Da’wah stalls were set up with posters and distribution of free materials. Catering by Ustadah: full Iftar, dinner and desert! An amazing successful event for all!
  • Eidul Fitr Salaah 2018: Friday 15th June held in both Harold Hill (MYPLACE) and Brentwood (The Nightingale Centre), attended in total by over 250 people.
  • Ladies Qur’an Classes:Started on 28th June 2018 and with 4 Students enrolled. Syllabus: ‘Ahsanul Qawaaid’ & ‘Tajweed for Beginners’. On completion all Students take exams and inshaa-Allahu Ta’ala receive their certificates.
  • Harold Hill Madrasah Parents’ Meeting: 1st July 2018. Slide show presentation on ECYS progress and new activities /courses. Advise to parents on various important matters by Imam Sahib.
  • Mehndi Classes: Started on 6th July 2018. Taught by Ustadah and attended by 5 Students. Application of Mehndi is a Sunnah for women and this club is a great opportunity to learn this artisitic skill and culture.
  • Madrasah Art Competition 2018: This is an opportunity for all of ECYS Students to explore their Islamic creativeness and develop their artistic skills and potential by using a variety of art materials. Students had 6 hours to produce a final peice of Islamic Art work, 2D or 3D, MaashAllah! Dates: Weekend Madrasah & Alimiyyah Class: 7th-8th July. Weekday Madrasah: 3rd-5th July. Brentwood Madrasah: 7th July.
  • Brentwood Madrasah Barbecuen 2018: Saturday 14th July. Students helped to set up and get things ready. Parents attended as well as the Local Buddhist group who hire rooms next to us. First such event for the Brentwood community which ended with amazing fruit, cream and cake!
  • Amazon Smile: ECYS joined this fundraising initiative on 20th July 2018 to help supporters contribute towards ECYS projects and services when they purchase from Amazon UK.
  • ECYS Twitter Account: Opened by Imam Sahib on 21st July 2018 to help support better communication and promotion of services offered to the community.
  • Harold Hill Madrasah Barbecue 2018: Sunday 22nd July. Attended by Students, local residents and the Christian group who hire rooms next to us. This was kindly organised in the open car park of the MYLPACE building. Photography: Brother Amzad Husain.
  • Chessington World of Adventures Trip 2018: 7th August. Summer day excursion. A private coach took 52 people for this amazing community adventure of a life time! Amazing weather and great fun for all kids and parents, alhamdulillah!
  • Eidul Adhaa Salaah 2018: Tuesday 21st August held in both Harold Hill (MYPLACE) and Brentwood (The Nightingale Centre) at 9AM.
  • ECYS Qurbani: ECYS facilitated HMC Qurbani ordering facility for our local community at a competitive price that was delivered to Imam Sahib’s home in the morning of 22nd August for collection to ease this great worship for ourcommunity members who would otherwise need to travel far for this.
  • ECYS Instagram Account: Opened by Imam Sahib on 24th August 2018 to improve communication and promotion of our services to the community.
  • First Madrasah Student & Child in Havering to Join Darul Uloom: Monday 3rd September 2018. In 2001 Imam Sahib was the first individual from Havering to join Darul Uloom, and his elder son is the first child from this borough to join. May Allah protect him and grant him success in his studies and set a tradition for others from this borough to follow inshaa-Allahu Ta’ala and return back to serve the community.
  • British Beacon Mosque Awards 2018: Saturday 8th September. Alhamdulillah, ECYS received two Mosque awards at the Hilton Paddington, one for ‘The Best Charity Project’ and the second for ‘The ‘Most Impactful Imam’. This is a great encouragement for our organisation and members. May Allah Ta’ala grant us more success and commitment, Aameen.
  • Muslim Charity Run: Sunday 9th September 2018. Organised by East London Mosque. With the idea of one of our ECYS students we registered to take part in this run and several people participated in the run representing ECYS on the day, including Imam Sahib!
  • ECYS Eidul Adhaa Street Party 2018: Sunday 16th September 11am-4pm. Over 400 Muslim and non-Muslim community members of Havering and Brentwood attended. Free food was served to everyone, catered by Ustadah, with Indian food and traditional BBQ. Over 24 festive stalls were present as well as funfair rides including bouncy castle, trampolining, tea & cup rides, HMC sweets, mehndi, Itrs and perfumes, toys & balloons, pancakes & crepes, ECYS candy floss, ECYS ice cream & tea, cup cakes, ladies clothes, Da’wah stall, health & beauty, slush puppy, Indian snacks, ladies jewellery, fun games, arts & crafts and much more. Organised and managed by Imam Sahib. Please view video on YouTube.
  • Islamic Awareness Training Part 1: Friday 21st September 2019. Presented by Imam Sahib to over 70 staff from Havering council and the Metropolitan police. We were honoured to have the presence of our Deputy Mayor Michael Deon-Burton. Free buffet lunch was catered by Ustadah and served, and very positive feedback was received by all attendees.
  • Al-Hira Scouting: ECYS will inshaa-Allah be starting a monthly scouting programme for its Madrasah students starting in November 2018.
  • Syrian Community Sponsorship: December 2018. Imam Sahib represented ECYS at this event to inshaa-Allah take part in the community initiative with the Home Office to sponsor a family from Syria to settle in Harold Hill. The Khatum Dua at the event was conducted by Imam Sahib.
  • New Zealand Rememberence Event: Sunday 17th March 2019. Following the horrific New Zealand mosque massacre ECYS hosted a rememberence time during Madrasah where the commmunity and students reflected on the tragedy and Dua was made. Local Councillor Tele Lawal delivered a speech too.
  • Madrasah Final Exams 2019: Saturday 30th March. All Madrasah students took their annual 2 hour written and oral exam in their Qur’an/Qaa’idah and Islamic Studies books. All students had a mock exam two weeks earlier to prepare!
  • Visit My Mosque 2019: Sunday 31st March. ECYS participated in this national event and hosted videos about Islam and distributed leaflets and information packs. Tea, drinks and snacks were served.
  • Madrasah Awards Ceremony 2019: Saturday 6th April. Attended by over 200 people from both the Harold Hill and Brentwood communities uniting all students of ECYS Madrasah branches. Venue: Hutton Poplars, Brentwood. Catering by Ustadah: 3 course meal. Lectures by prominent scholars from London including Mufti Mahmood Thaani who also presented the certificates and gifts to the Students.
  • Taraweeh Salaah 2019: Started Sunday 4th May at Apogee Studios. 20 Raka’ats with Hafiz Mizan and hafiz Abdullah and Khatmul Quran on 27th Ramadhaan attended by 40 people.
  • Iftar Gathering 2019:Friday 10th May attended by over 150 people. Imam Sahib delivered a lecture followed by Dua and then Iftar and dinner was served. Catering by Ustadah.
  • Khatmul Qur’an Event: Saturday 1st June (27th Ramadan). MaashAllah 50 people attended and our Taraweeh Imams delivered a lecture and naseehah followed by dinner.
  • Eidul Fitr Salaah 2019: Tuesday 4th June in Harold Hill (MYPLACE) attended by over 200 people.
  • Eidul Fitr Street Party 2019: Sunday 9th June at MYPLACE building attended by over 400 people locally and from all parts of London. There were over 15 stalls selling clothes, bakeries, candy floss, slush puppy, sweets, toys etc. Catering by Ustadah to serve free food to everyone and BBQ, The biggest success this year was the unity that our Nigerian brothers and sisters had their own stalls selling their traditional items and they cooked an amazing variety of Nigerian food for eveyone which was cooked together with Ustadah at Imam Sahib’s home!
  • The Welcome Directory: In June 2019 ECYS was the first Muslim organisation in the UK to became a member of ‘The Welcome Directory’ which is a directory of faith organisations that welcome ex-prisoners to approach them for help and guidance. Imam Sahib has years of experience in the prison service and is keen to support ex-prisoners resettle into society.
  • Islamic Awareness Workshop Part 2: Friday 5th July 2019 attended by about 30 people discussing issues important to the practicing Muslim.
  • Eidul Adhaa Salaah 2019: Sunday 11th August. This was held at Redden Court School in Harold Wood and attended by over 200 brothers and sisters.
  • British Beacon Mosque Awards 2019: Saturday 7th September. MaashAllah this year ECYS were nominated to receive 3 amazing awards: ‘Best Outreach Service’, ‘Best Madrasah Service’ and ‘The Most Impactful Imam’. May Allah Ta’ala Bless ECYS with more success and strength to develop its projects and serve the community to its best.
  • ECYS Own Premises: Thursday 14th November 2019. Alhamdulillah, by the Grace of Allah Ta’ala Imam Sahib aquired for ECYS a premises of its own where its offices are and the functioning of the charity will be administered. We can be contacted by visiting us at our offices where we have space to meet with clients and members of the public.
  • Monthly Salaah Timetable: November 2019. Imam Sahib began distribution of monthly Salaah timetables for all the daily Salaahs to the community via WhatsApp.
  • Weekday Hifdh Madrasah: Monday 18th November 2019. May Allah Ta’ala Accept his Madrasah and its students and bring from them a people devoted to the service of the community under the guidance of the Ulamaa.
  • Jumuah Venue Change: Friday 22nd November 2019. Alhamdulillah, from this date the Harold Hill Jumuah Salaah has been taking place at The Grove Banqueting, RM3 8TD, which has ample space for a Musallees. This is a great progress for the community. May Allah Ta’ala grant more success and prosperity, Aameen.
  • ECYS Shoorah & Managerial Structure: In December 2019 Imam Sahib managed to make personal contact with various members of the community who joined ECYS to form a Shoorah (advisory committee), and a formal managerial structure was drawn up by Imam Sahib for allocation and delegation of all charity responsibilities and objectives.
  • Food Collection for Syria: On the week commencing Sunday 8th March 2020 the Harold Hill Muslim community delivered two room full supplies of food to our offices. Imam Sahib with community members and youth also purchased stacks of food from local stores and together we packed all the items securely into boxes ready to be shipped off with One Nation. By Eidul-Fitr the food reached the suffering families in Idlib, walhamdulillah.
  • COVID-19 Accommodation: March 2020. ECYS was one of the first Muslim organisations to swiftly respond to the threat of COVID-19 by stopping prayers and Madrasah since the afternoon of 14th March. Madrasah classes were transferred to online teaching so children keep engaged during the extended lockdown period and Imam Sahib maintained very regular updates to the community as the disease developed and was reported!
  • COVID-19 Food Distribution: May 2020. While the Muslim community spent Ramadhan 2020 in lockdown, ECYS delivered over 4500 packs of food to needy families and front-line workers as support during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Ramadhan Iftar & Lecture 2020: 19th May 2020. We did not let our annual tradition die even during COVID-19 lockdown! ECYS distributed Iftar to the entire community on the 27th Ramadhan and Imam Sahib recorded a reminder lecture and Qur’an recitation to be shared with the community.
  • Syrian Toys Distribution: June 2020. The community of Harold Hill donated an entire room full of toys, from huge to small. Together we boxed all the toys ready to be shipped by One nation to Idlib in Syria for Eidul Adhaa. See the amazing feedback video on our YouTube page! Jazakallah to everyone who took part to make it another success.
  • Havering Halal School Meals Petition:16th September 2020. ECYS started a petition on Change.org to obtain sufficient signatures to present to havering council to persuade them to at least provide halal school meal option in all schools for the ever fast-growing Muslim population. Volunteers for ECYS made contact with other Mosques in Havering to encourage a joint effort for this very important and valuable cause for our children and youth. A poster was also printed to promote the campaign.
  • Vacancies Advertisement: 21st September 2020. ECYS advertised vacancies to recruit valuable input for our charitable works, as well as support employment in the locality.
  • ECYS Football Club: On 29th September 2020 we resumed our football club for both adults and children, and it was formalised by recruiting a voluntary based manager and employing separate coaches for the boys and girls. Harold Hill Sports Complex was hired, which was a top class venue with multiple pitches. Imam Sahib overlooked the club and management. The first session happened on Saturday 10th October 2020.
  • Lockdown Restrictions Resumed: November 2020. The second UK lockdown was announced and in line with national legal instructions, from 6th November Jumu’ah and other ECYS public activities were postponed. Alhamdulillah online Madrasah continued so youth engagement was maintained.
  • Al-Marjaan Academy: November 2020. Imam Sahib initiated preparations for opening the first Muslim home-schooling tuition centre in Havering. ECYS Trustee, Mr Kamran Rahman, helped significantly in planning the academy and ensuring fulfillment of the legal requirements for such an initiative. Compliance with the local council was completed and rooms in the MYPLACE council building were hired. The project was advertised via leaflets, posters, social media and the website.
  • Jumu’ah Resumed: 4th December 2020. Jumu’ah Salaah resumed at Apogee studios as lockdown restrictions were removed. Jumu’ah Salaah continued in both tiers 3 and 4 within the pandemic situation. Imam kept the community aware of the legal situation throughout the intense period of Coronavirus and ensured all safety precautions were alway thoroughly implemented.
  • Online Hadith Lessons: 11th December 2020. Imam Sahib began delivering weekly Hadith lessons via Zoom on the commentary of Narrations within the famous works of Imam An-Nawawi: Riyaadus Saiheen. This was attended by a handful of students from all round the UK.
  • Community Dua (Individually): 22nd January 2021. The ECYS community far and wide were all requested to make a special Dua and prayer for the Ummah and all people during the struggles and challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic.
  • Mini Foodbank: 16th February 2021. ECYS obtained food supplies from Sainsburys supermarket for distribution with the help of Brother Tariq (Shoorah Member). The community were informed of this and provided to those in need. Inshaa-Allah we can arrange for more regular similar facilities.
  • 15th Sha’baan 2021: 27th March 2021. The community were informed of the coming special night and spiritual advice and guidance was shared with the community. It was a confusing time with more than one opinion circulating and Imam Sahib ensured the community understood the difference of opinion basis so informed decisions can be made. Detailed guidance about Salatul Tasbeeh was provided on 28th March for the special night.
  • ECYS Jumu’ah Lectures Live Streamed: 9th April 2021. From today ECYS began to live stream Imam Sahib’s lectures on both YouTube and Facebook. Brother Umair (Shoorah Member) managed the technical parts of this initiative, May Allah Ta’ala Accept this facility and Grant sincerity in all our works, and May Allah Ta’ala also Grant Imam Sahib long health and life.
  • Ramadhaan Timetable: 11th April 2021. Imam Sahib devised and distributed the Ramadhaan timetable to the community via WhatApp and at Jumu’ah Salaah in preparation for the special Islamic Holy month.
  • Taraweeh Salaah 2021: 12th April 2021. The first night of Taraweeh Salaah began today at Apogee Studios attended by over 60 people, including many new residents in the local area. 20 Rak’aat were performed throughout Ramadhaan by two Haafidh of Quran, alhamdulillah.
  • ECYS New Website: 13th April 2021. Alhamdulillah, it was a great desire of Imam Sahib that ECYS has an up-to-date website for its vast number of services and facilities. The website prior to now was set up by our trustee Mr Kamran Rahman and managed regularly by Imam Sahib himself. Brother Umair (Shoorah Member) took the big responsibility to set up a completely new updated website with many new facilities. May Allah Ta’ala Bless Brother Umair for this great effort and initiative and all those who are supporting ECYS to serve the community and Ummah, Aameen.