June 16, 2024

9 Dhū al-Hijjah 1445

Asr Iqamah

6:38 pm

11 Hours 4 Minutes
Prayer Begins Iqamah
Fajr2:37 am 2:37 am
Sunrise3:43 am
Zuhr1:05 am 1:05 am
Asr6:38 pm 6:38 pm
Maghrib9:23 pm 9:23 pm
Isha10:30 pm 10:30 pm

Supporting Membership

ECYS has introduced a ‘Supporting Membership’ scheme where members of the community can express their support to our charity and works by joining us as a supporting member. This is a way ECYS can raise funds to progress its achievements, but also offer its members an opportunity to attend quarterly meetings and positively contribute to our plans and efforts.

You can find below a document explaining the Supporting Membership scheme. To apply to become a supporting member please complete this online application form OR Print and submit the below hard copy application form to Imam Sahib.

Please ensure you have read and understood the Supporting Membership scheme prior to submitting an application to become a supporting member.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Imam Sahib, or visit our ‘Contact Us’ page..
Supporting Membership Scheme
Supporting Membership Application Form