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We are inshaa-Allah starting our monthly scouting excursions for Madrasah students and youth locally to Thriftwood Campsite.


This is an exciting initiative that we encourage our youngsters to take advantage of as it will be a fun way of learning more about the Qur'aan and Islam as well as important life skills and independance.


For further information please open the document to the right.



Ladies Qaa'idah and Tajweed Course Every Thursday 12pm-1pm:

Harold Wood

Zakaat donations can be paid into our Zakaat Account. Please see under our 'Donate' page.

ECYS Receives 2 Beacon Mosque Awards 8th September 2018


By the Grace of Allah Ta'ala, Essex Cultural & Youth Society received 2 Beacon Mosque Awards at Hilton Paddington. One was for the 'Best Charity project' and the second was for 'The Most Impactful Imam'.


This is a great encouragement for our community members and charity workers.


May Allah Ta'ala keep the Ummah united and we work together to serve the community to best of our ability.


To join our charity and work closer with us please contact Imam sahib on: 07956662462.


We are always in need for volunteers and people to contribute.


Jumuah Salaah Time in Winter 2018:


Bayaan: 13:00 PM Khutbah: 13:25 PM Salaah: 13:35 PM


(If the time changes it will be updated here inshaa-Allah)


Essex Cultural & Youth Society

Brentwood Cultural & Youth Society

Hornchurch Cultural & Youth Society

We are an organisation striving to help and support the local community in Harold Hill and surrounding areas. ECYS began with weekly study circles and worship until we established Jumuah Salaah at the MYPLACE building in April 2013. This was followed by the opening of our Madrasah, Asraarul Uloom Wal Hikm, in June 2013.


Alhamdulillah, we provides Jumuah Salaah facility for over 100 people in Harold Hill and over 60 people in Brentwood, as well as 50 students in the Harold Hill Madrasah and 13 students in our Brentwood Madrasah. We conduct both Eidain Salaah and Taraweeh Salaah and we will in-shaa-Allah تعالى continue to strive to promote better awareness of the Islamic faith and support community cohesion between different cultures and beliefs.


We offer several services to support the Muslim community and different sectors of our community. Please see our projects and services page for more information.

Imams and Ulamaa have a vital role in the protection of the Deen and Work of Allah and guiding the Ummah, and hence their elevated status by Allah تعالى and unmatched position in any Society. Ulamaa will understand that which those without knowlege will struggle to comprehend, and so we should seek their company, learn from them and benefit from their Blessings.


May Allah تعالى give us all Towfeeq, Aameen.

InshAllah this class will start soon.

The syllabus will be Madinah Arabic Reader books, starting from level 1.

This is a great opportunity to learn to speak and understand Arabic, as well as feed our spiritual need by studying the Hadith of Rasoolullah صلى الله عليه و سلم.


May Allah تعالى give us the Towfeeq to take advantage of this service

InshAllah we will soon be starting a one hour weekly Fiqh class for brothers and sisters. Fiqh is an essential part of spiritual progression as well as perfecting our worship. The Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم has said in a Hadith: "One learned Faqeeh is more stronger against the Shaitaan than one thousand devout worshippers."


In-shaa-Allah تعالى this class will start soon.


Please email info@ecys.org.uk to register your interest. JazakAllah.



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